Exit Survey

This survey for for portable sanitation professionals who routinely provide pick up, delivery, and servicing of portable restroom units, trailers, and related equipment. The purpose of the study is to obtain current information on your job based on a review of job duties and responsibilities. This will help the PSAI develop better training for portable sanitation professionals, and it will also help the Certification Commission make sure the program for credentialing Portable Sanitation Professionals is up to date.


Because you know your duties and responsibilities better than anyone else, we need your help to get an accurate description of your job.  We are asking you to complete this questionnaire that asks for information about your job duties.  The questionnaire does not ask about your job performance; only what your job requires you to do.


Please complete this questionnaire as honestly, completely and accurately as you can.  Base your answers on what is normal to your current job, not special projects or temporary assignment duties, unless these tasks are a regular part of your job.  This questionnaire needs to be relevant to many portable sanitation professionals, so the questions are not specifically about your job or company.  However, you should be able to compare your job duties to the examples given.  If two answers seem to fit your situation, just check the one that works best.  When answering the questions, imagine you are describing what you do to a neighbor, friend, or to someone just hired for your position.


Throughout the survey we are asking how important certain tasks are to your success. What we mean by this is, "How important is this task to your keeping your job and being rated highly by your supervisor and customers?" Your owner and manager will also be asked about your job, but they will not be allowed to see or change your answers - so please be as candid as you can.   We appreciate your active participation in this important study.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask your supervisor or email the PSAI at info@psai.org.

Your answers are confidential. Only the PSAI and its independent Certification Commission will see the results of this survey, and they will only see the data as a whole - not the answers of individuals.
This is the official Portable Sanitation Professional Job Analysis Survey. It is intended only for persons involved in the portable sanitation industry. Each professional should complete the survey one time only. 
If you have questions about the survey or the job analysis process, please contact the PSAI at +1-952-854-8300 or via email at info@psai.org